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Key Features - Personal Service - Bespoke Responsive Design - Mobile Optimised - Rapid Development - Ecommerce and Brochure Websites  - Content Management Systems (CMS) - 5% Charity Donation

More potential customers are now browsing the Internet on mobile devices. Therefore your Ecommerce or Brochure website can be designed as fully responsive. This means that it automatically adapts to screens of differing sizes, and is optimised in function and page display for all types of smartphones and tablets. Incidentally, please be aware that all websites that describe themselves as responsive are NOT equal, there are good ones and extremely poor ones !

We offer our fully bespoke and responsive (in design and function) Ecommerce Websites which are optimised for Smartphones and Tablets. Please view the following pages of this website for more information: Ecommerce Websites and Mobile Optimised Ecommerce and Brochure Websites.

Brochure websites:

These are for showcasing YOUR business, it is your Online Business Marketing Tool. It can be brief or voluminous, simple or complex, whatever you believe works best for your company.

You choose the topics, categories, pictures and information that best represent the image and ideals of your company that you wish to portray; on our part, we will design a website that structures and organises this data, in order to present the best visual impact.

Content Management Systems (CMS):

Many of our websites have a Content Management Systems component, this allows you to update certain aspects of the website yourself.

A few examples include:

  • Provide your customers with information: Special offers, Latest news, new products etc.
  • Maintain a Picture gallery.
  • Update stock availability.
  • Logging and Keeping Track of Online Bookings.
  • Update prices and types of services offered (Restaurant Menus, B&B prices etc.).

Our Content Management Systems are designed to be used by non technical staff and include full training to your users at a time and place of your convenience.

We hope that you will have noticed by now that all of our website work comes with our own style of personal attentive service! Which means that we visit you to determine your requirements and to get to know you, and look forward to fully supporting you in a long lasting partnership.

Bespoke Design: Our websites are designed specifically for your functional requirements and you (No templates, No restrictions), with emphasis on intuitive navigation and elegant design, a delicate balance of function and beauty!

Rapid Development: To ensure that you are up and running as quickly as possible, all of our websites are usually completed within a month.

As a responsible business, 5% of all of the website costs that you pay to us will be donated to a charity of your choice.

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